Union County week of August 8th


o ABATE – Paul T., formerly of Springfield; July 26. Loving husband, grandfather.
o AKER – William J. Sr., of Elizabeth; July 27. WWII vet, father of 10, husband.
o ARLEN – Susan, formerly of Linden; July 27. Medical director, death educator.
o BATDORF – Lillian M., of Fanwood; July 30. Wife and great-grandmother, 91.
o BIALECKI – Joseph F., of Clark; July 25. Army vet, husband, grandfather, 90.
o DANIELCZYK – Angela Cocuzza, formerly of Union; July 27. Wife, mother, 98.
o DELIA – Samuel M. Sr., formerly of Berkeley Heights; July 30. Grandfather, 83.
o DEMARCO – John M., formerly of Elizabeth; July 30. Proud, loving grandfather.
o DIGIORGIO – Maria, of Rahway; July 31. Italy native, wife, grandmother of six.
o DRUID – Richard T., formerly of Clark; July 28. Pastor, elder, husband, father.
o FORTE – Dominick A., formerly of Hillside; July 27. Forte Pallet co-founder, 89.
o GESCHICKTER – Mary Diana, of Scotch Plains; July 26. Mother, grandmother.
o GIRNIUS – Anthony S., of Berkeley Heights; July 26. WWII navy vet, husband.
o GREGORY – Robert S., formerly of Linden; July 28. Merck retiree and father.
o HAHN – Elizabeth M., formerly of Mountainside; July 17. Master seamstress, 94.
o HEIN – Herbert F., formerly of Elizabeth; July 26. Ophthalmologist, grandfather.
o HILDEBRANDT – Edward J., of Garwood; July 22. Loving husband and father.
o KOWALENKO – Carol M., of Clark; July 30. Osceola Church deacon, organist.
o KRALY – Kenneth F., of Union; July 26. Chemical engineer, father, grandfather.
• LENNEY – James, of Cranford; Music teacher at Cranford High School.
o LOWEN – Eileen M., nee Cooper, of Scotch Plains; July 31. Wife and mother, 90.
o NEAFSEY – Elizabeth Eory, of Elizabeth; July 31. Special education teacher.
o PLICHTA – George J., formerly of Hillside; July 30. Chemical engineer, father.
o ROSSI – Rose F., of Scotch Plains; July 30. St. Bartholomew’s trustee, volunteer.
o RUFF – Helen E., of Union; July 22. Mother with life centered around family, 98.
o SANDIFORD – Sheree-Anne M., of Westfield; July 25. Claims analyst, sister, 49.
o SCUTRO – Thomas F., formerly of Elizabeth and Linden; July 25. Teacher, 92.
o SHIMKUS – Bertha M., of Garwood; July 30. Wife, mother of four, grandmother.
o SINEGRA – John Jr., formerly of Summit; July 27. Professional painter, brother.
o SOMMER – Stelle Bierylo, formerly of Union; July 27. Real estate broker, 92.
o TANGO – Anthony V., formerly of Garwood; July 30. Garwood coach, father.
o THOMPSON – Brenda C., of Scotch Plains; July 30. Grew up in Scotch Plains.
o THOMPSON – Harry Jr., of Scotch Plains, formerly of Roselle; July 24. Father.
o TIGGETT – Lloyd William, of Union; July 21. Father and grandfather of seven.