Liam Grahl
Senior, Wrestling

How has your wrestling career been so far?
I have been wrestling since eighth grade and am now at the end of my senior season. Throughout my five years of wrestling, I was lucky enough to win the Most Dedicated Wrestler Award in eighth grade and the Tom Duffy Award, the Beast VIP Award and the Captain’s Award in high school. I am proud of these accomplishments, and when I look back on them they remind me of my inner strength and motivate me to move forward in life. I am so grateful for my family, coaches and teammates who have supported and pushed me to be the best wrestler I can possibly be. For me, wrestling is the hardest thing I have ever done. There have been thousands of times where I wanted to give up and just quit. It can be mentally exhausting to keep pushing myself, but I find the strength to keep going because it’s what I love to do. Although it might be hard, I thank my coaches at Union High School and the Yale Street Wrestling Club for turning me into the wrestler I am today.

What has been the highlight of your wrestling career?
I think one of the greatest moments of my career was when I won the Tom Duffy Award for courageousness and leadership.

What got you into wrestling?
Since I was little, I’ve wanted to find my passion in sports. I played football and basketball but always struggled because of the required height and weight. It was at the beginning of eighth grade when I saw a flyer for wrestling tryouts. I figured, “why not try it?”

You’ve had a high winning percentage this season. What do you think has been the key to your success?
I think that it couldn’t have been done without the help and support of my family, teammates, coaches and friends.

What are your goals for the rest of the season?
The season is almost over but I want to maintain my record. I want to push through until it’s officially over.

How do you prepare yourself for a game?
I warm up intensely while repeating to myself, “I am going to win.”

What is your favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject in school is psychology.

What are your plans for after graduation?
I am currently undecided on what college I want to attend. However, I do hope to continue wrestling at the college level.