Joy Enaohwo, has been with the high school track program for two years. She’s always showed potential and signs of greatness. Joy has stepped up her work ethic this year and it has showed in her performances. Joy ran 25.7 in the 200 meters and placed second in the 100 meters in the Watchung Conference Championships. I look for big things from her in the remaining parts of this 2019 season. — Union track coach Tony Stewart.

Joy Enaohwo — track, sophomore

Which do you prefer more, individual events or relays? Why?
I prefer relay events more because it’s less pressure than running individually.
It gives me a chance to work with my teammates, getting the baton around the
track. Especially when we go to meets like Penn Relays, running with my teammates
is so exciting.

Do you have a favorite event and is there a time you’ve set as a goal, or are you more focused on placings?
My favorite event is the 100-meter dash. My goal by the end of the season is to
go 12.1 in the 100 , 24.9 in the 200, and 59 in the 400. I plan on doing well at
the Meet of Champions this season.

Who has been your biggest influence in your track career?
My biggest influence has been my dad, who is always pushing me to do
better. Since I was young, he knew track was meant for me and always
motivated me to be the best.

Since the season started, what do you feel you’ve learned new and have you adjusted your goals because of that?
I’ve learned that to be the best comes with pain. The workouts can be really hard but I have to understand that success does not come easy. If I don’t do it at practice, then when it comes to meets nothing will ever get done. Work hard and the results will be what I want.

Do you have a favorite subject in school?
In school my favorite subject is English. I don’t have to worry about doing any equations. I’m able to write creatively and express my ideas.

Are you involved in any other school sports/activities?
I just recently applied to be a Peer Ambassador. Most of my focus is on school
and track, so I don’t really have a chance to do other activities.

How do you prepare yourself for a meet? Any traditions or rituals?
I have a song playlist that I listen to before I run to get me hyped up. Before I
get on the line, I say a prayer to God for a successful race.

What is your favorite part of running track?
My favorite part is getting faster and knowing that all my hard work is paying off. Nothing is better then coming across the line and knowing you just broke your PR.