Bayyan Dallas is a junior going on his third year in the track program. Bayyan has showed promise and now he is reaching his full potential. Bayyan had a great month of work at the Penn Relays, anchoring the 4×400 by running an individual time in the quarter mile of 49.01 seconds. He is looking as if he can break the school record in this event of 48.25. He is a good leader and leads by example. — Union track coach Tony Stewart

Bayyan Dallas — junior, track

How exciting was it to compete at the Penn Relays?
Penn Relays was very exciting it gave me the opportunity to go against the best of the best and I was able to show what I could bring to the table.

Coach Stewart commends your leadership. How much more responsibility do you feel you have this year compared to previous seasons?
Previous seasons I wasn’t really worried about anyone else but myself but then
I started to realize that I need to start putting the younger ones that are coming
up next before myself and push them to do better so they can surpass the
eneration in front of them.

Do you prefer the relays or some individual event?
Honestly I am comfortable with running any event and trying to get as many points as I can for the team but if I had to pick one it would be relays.

What are your regimens to keep in shape when out of season?
I like to go to the gym and work on my legs, then after a workout on the track,
have a healthy meal.

Have you been looking at any colleges. Do you have plans for after graduation next year?
I have been looking in to multiple colleges this past year, at the moment I do not have a specific college in mind I’m just going to let God direct me in the right path and hopefully I will be able to run at a collegiate level and go to a great college.

How do you prepare yourself for a meet? Any traditions or rituals?
Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fruits and veggies then pray.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Tahkwan Ingraham. He still continues to push me as my career goes on.