Krizia Aponte, senior, girls basketball

“Krizia has been a member of the Union girls’ basketball program since her freshman year. She has steadily improved her points and rebounding totals and is currently one of our leaders in both categories. Her hard work over the past summer has resulted in a noticeable improvement with her skills and game performance. Krizia has taken on a leadership role this year as a captain on the team. She helps to set an example for her teammates by her work ethic as well as her communication skills. Krizia is an asset to our team on and off the floor.”
Union girls basketball coach Wendy McNair

As team captain, how different do you see your role/duties/responsibilities this season?
As team captain, I definitely feel more dedicated and involved with the sport. I must be the example of my team. I need to work hard at all times and never give up. It also means that I should try to be the top teammate in all activities. Furthermore, I need to motivate and inspire others. As a leader, I am always trying to be positive. For instance, I do not tell my teammates what they are doing bad all the time, but instead encourage what they are good at. For example, if they are good at hustling I tell that person, “I better see you as the best hustler out there.” When I am criticising them to try and improve them, I do not talk completely negative. Lastly, I am able to have more of an open discussion with my coaches about decisions and what to improve on.

You also play soccer. Is there one sport you prefer over the other?
I am always asked this question from my friends and teammates, and the answer is I honestly love them both. I have trained extensively and dedicated my time to these sports not because I was forced to but because I wanted to never give up on the game. These sports are where I found my best friends and a general understanding of both leadership and teamwork, which is very important to learn and have for future careers.

How much of the skills/preparation/etc. carry over from one sport to the other?
Surprisingly a lot of skills and preparation carry over from one sport to the other. The technicality for each sport helps with my hands or feet coordination. This then helps me to think and move faster with each decision and play I decide to make. Each sport also helps me with my endurance and athleticism.

What are your plans beyond this season/school year?
My plans beyond this season/school year are to work EMT hours, graduate
high school, and get into college with a major of pre-med.

Who are your favorite professional athletes?
My favorite professional athletes are Carli Lloyd, Mia Hamm, Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal.

What is your favorite subject in school? Why?
My favorite subject in school is psychology. I love learning about the mind and human interactions/behavior. It intrigues me, especially since many people like to say, “sports are 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental.”

How do you typically prepare for a game? Any traditions or rituals?
I typically prepare for a game by listening to a wide range of music genres, which includes the 2000s, 80s, Latino, pop, R&B and hip-hop/rap. Then when it is nearing game time, I listen to Itunes top chart list to get me more energized and ready for the game.