Chioma Iroka, Cross-Country

Chioma Iroka is a junior on the girls team, She just broke the school record for the 5K Oak Ridge Park course in 24:21, and led the Lady Farmers to a second place finish in the Valley Division of the Union County Conference.Chioma is unassuming and quiet, and leads by example. She is an Hohors student, and a three year veteran of cross-country. — Union girls cross-country coach Don Erdman.

You’ve competed in many different events. Do you have a favorite? Do you plan to run indoors this year? If so, what event(s)?
My favorite event to compete in during track is the 800m race. I unfortunately do not plan on running indoors this year. School has been really stressful and I need to focus on my schoolwork. However, I do plan on running in the spring.

What personal goals in terms of time or distance have you set for yourself this year?
My personal goal this year was to just try my best at every meet despite the bad weather or if its been a bad day. I try to beat my time every meet even if its just by a few seconds, and every time I pr(personal record) it motivates me to do better at my next meet.

Do you play, even for fun, any other sports?

Is there an athlete you particularly admire? Why?
Not really.

What are your plans for after high school?
I plan on going to college and majoring in biology. I want to be a pediatrician and specialize in neonatology.

What subject do you enjoy the most? Why?
I enjoy biology because, I find it to be a really interesting subject. I can relate to it when learning about the human body and other living organisms.

How did you first get into cross-country?
I first got into cross-country when my friend convinced me to join my freshman year. I joined really late into the season and I sucked my first year, but I improved my sophomore year immensely.