Orgreen Pierre, Cross-Country

Orgreen Pierre is the senior co- captain of the Cross country team. Orgreen is a three year veteran of Cross Country, and led the squad at the recent Union County Conference Championship in a personal record 19 minutes, 35 seconds for the 5K Oak Ridge Park course. Orgreen has demonstrated leadership for the Farmers. He is also an honors student and an accomplished musician. — Union boys cross-country coach Don Erdman.

You’ve competed in everything from sprints to long-distance races? Do you have a preference? Why those?
I have competed in every single running event on the track during my time involved in the Track/Cross Country team at Union High School. I do have a preference towards the races that I am most competitive in, which would be both the 110- and 400-meter hurdles. Because hurdling is a skill that I have honed since middle school, I have a much greater chance of dominating the competition.

How do you compare running on a track to cross-country courses?
Running on a track and on a cross-country course should have two very different approaches simply because of the nature of the races associated with each. Running on a track is generally associated with much faster running and uses sharper spikes than running a cross country course, which leads runners through many types of terrain. Especially running an unknown course, one must be ready for anything that might come their way like grass, pavement, dirt, mud, uphills, and downhills. In my opinion, cross country courses are more challenging to compete on because of these terrain changes.

What other sports or sporting activities do you like?
In order to be considered a well-rounded athlete, one would be expected to be able to play or to at least have an interest in other sports. As far as playing goes, I am also strong in both volleyball and in soccer, but am also very interested in basketball and football.

Do you have plans to compete beyond high school?
Beyond high school, I will be beginning my career and following the path towards my dream of becoming a surgeon. This would mean anything else would now be of priority to me, including athletics. Running track in college may very well be an option for me, but if it would conflict with accomplishing my primary goal, then it would have to be neglected.

What subject do you enjoy the most? Why?
The subject that enjoy the most would actually the music classes available at Union High. My musical accomplishments actually outweigh any of my athletic ones. Playing my four instruments (piano, trumpet, organ, and guitar) has played quite a large role in developing the person I am today. The music classes available here under Ms. Laura Muller truly enables students to express themselves in a way that words couldn’t explain. I will always appreciate and treasure my experiences there.

Who are your role models? How come?
My number one role model would have to be my father. From a very young age, my father was able to impress his work ethic upon me. My father is a person who will make huge sacrifices in order to protect the things that he loves. Seeing his hard work every single day is one of the driving forces that keeps me pushing in every aspect of my life. I believe that having a strong work ethic is very instrumental to my success on and off the track.

What is your favorite memory of running cross-country?
My favorite memory running cross-country would have to be witnessing the greatness of Class of ’18 athlete, Jonathan Mobisa. I witnessed his Union County Championship victory first hand and was the teammate that was right by his side helping him recover afterward. I felt very honored to be able to carry that man on my back after seeing the sacrifice he made to place our team at the top of the pecking order. I will never truly be as great of a cross-country captain as he was, but I will never forget the experiences and impact that he left on my team.