Phylicia Menendez, senior — girls tennis

“Phylicia has a positive strong work ethic and is always willing to help others as well as improve on her own skills. She never gives up and she fights till the end. Phylicia was and still is the captain of our girls varsity tennis team, providing the needed leadership and motivation. Phylicia has a friendly, honest, easy going nature. She is well-organized, intelligent, confident and a personable young woman.”
— Union girls tennis coach, Lucille Williams

Now in your final season, what do you feel have been the most valuable lessons/things you’ve learned you’re your high school career that you’re applying this year?
The most valuable thing I learned throughout my high school career is that losing isn’t the end of the world. Although it is great to win, and it sucks to lose, it isn’t the end of the world. What you have to do is pick yourself up, practice and try again until you win.

You’ve mentioned previously Roger Federer as your favorite player. Other than titles (accomplishments), what makes him stand out to you?
Roger Federer is such a great player. Although he is from Switzerland, I love to support him. He is such a consistent player and for his age is able to overcome obstacles to stay at the top.

What are your thoughts on the U.S Open women’s final?
I was shocked when I was watching the women’s final. I believed that Naomi (Osaka) played her best and she won fair and square. She earned that win and to have people boo at her was really sad to watch. Also, Serena (Williams) didn’t deserve what she got. I heard that that umpire gives everyone problems, but women always get the short end of the stick. I feel as though the umpire was being to harsh to her and she shouldn’t have gotten a game taken from her.

Do you prefer singles over doubles, or vice versa?
Although I love both doubles and singles. I prefer singles over doubles. I feel as though when you have the court to yourself, you can do whatever you feel is correct to win the point. However, with doubles you have a partner to discuss with and it doesn’t always work out because they might not get along or communicate well.

Are you taking any advanced placement classes this year? Which ones? Why those?
I am taking AP classes. I’ve taken five other AP classes before but this year I took three AP classes including: AP Spanish, AP calculus and AP English. I took many other AP classes during my high school career, and my reasoning for taking them is to better myself for the future. I want to be ahead of the game when I reach college and know what the college curriculum consists of. I took those specific classes this year because I wanted to challenge myself and to keep me busy. I wanted a little but of work for my senior year.

What do you do when you’re not in school or on the tennis court?
When I am not in school, I am usually at home either doing homework or one of my hobbies. One thing I love to do is sleep but besides that, I love to practice calligraphy. I also like to further my knowledge by watching documentaries on Netflix and YouTube.