Arielle Roman, junior, girls softball

“Arielle Roman is the type of player every coach wants on their team. She is a natural leader and has the best interests of her teammates at heart. She gives a 100 percent every game and plays where ever she is needed to better her team. She loves the game and works hard in the offseason to improve herself.” — Union softball coach Kristin Nunes

You had a pretty successful season last year. Do you feel any more responsibility/expectations this year?
As a captain for this year’s season, there are definitely a lot more responsibilities.
I have to make sure I frequently provide all my teammates with the necessary information regarding our team. I am expected by my coach to guide them and push them to be better, not only as individual players but as one united team.

What do feel is different about this season compared to last?
The difference between this season compared to the last is that I am a captain this time around. I’m working harder in order to make sure everyone is on the same page.
I want to provide an atmosphere where all the girls trust each other in and out of the game so that we can play even more cohesively.

Since you hit over .400 with 25 RBIs last year, do you believe you can match or exceed those numbers this season?
I do believe I can exceed last year’s numbers. I have been extremely dedicated to softball, working hard during the off season to strengthen my skills. I’ve been playing with my travel team and also doing frequent workouts with my parents in order to further prepare myself. I’m always striving to surpass myself.

What other sports/activities are you interested in, either competitively or recreationally?
Other sports don’t really interest me as much as softball. Softball takes up so
much of my time due to being on a travel team as well as the school’s team. I often don’t have time to play any other sports, however sometimes I do play soccer with my little brothers for fun. Besides sports, I’m also involved in the Union Police Explorers.
I really enjoy it because they provide knowledge on what it’s like to be a police officer or in the law enforcement in general. In the program, we also often do a lot of community service which I have fun doing with my peers.

What subjects are most interesting at school?
The subject I’m most fascinated by in school is intro to law. I like the fact that the class teaches about real-life situations. It also comes pretty easy to me because my mom’s profession is related to law, and I’ve always been surrounded by it.

Have you set any goals for yourself, either long- or short-term, either in sports or generally?
I do have both short and long term goals set for myself. My parents taught me to strive to surpass what they were able to provide me. My short-term goal involves getting into a good college and playing softball for the school as well. My long-term goal involves having a successful career as a vet. I want to be a travel vet so that I’m not bound to a singular location, and I’ll be able to travel the world.