Kiara Powell, senior, bowling

Kiara has been an outstanding bowler since day one. With a season high game of 279, a season high series of 694 and a season average of 206, she led Union High School to the Section 2 Group D 4 state championship. She also won the Union County individual title. She is dedicated to her teammates and to the sport. As captain of the team this year, she displayed outstanding leadership skills and determination. She is a student-athlete that strives for success and has a promising future ahead of her both in life and as bowler. — Union High School bowling coach Danielle Scheuermann

You won the Union County individual title with a 226, and your season-high game was a 279. Have you ever rolled a 300 game, or how close have you come and what was that like?
No, I have not shot a 300 game but I have gotten close to it. The closest I have gotten to was a 288 and it was nerve-racking because everyone was watching.

When and how did you start bowling and who taught you?
I started bowling when I was 12-years-old. I started by watching my mom and I wanted to try it; she taught me just to throw the ball down the lane and it worked out a little, then she put me in a league and it got better. That’s what made me better.

What interests you most about bowling?
What interests me in bowling is the people and the tournaments because I can connect with the people and I can keep my head in the game.

Are there any other sports or activities you’re involved in, either in school or outside of school?
No, I am just a bowler.

What do you do for recreation, when you’re not bowling?
What I do for recreation is listen to music and hang out with my friends.

Do you have a favorite subject in school? Any particular reason for liking that subject?
Gym is my favorite subject because it keeps me in shape.

Out of all your accomplishments, of what are you most proud?
Out of all my accomplishments, the one I am most proud of is me being the Girl County Champion for the girls for Union County.

What are your plans after you graduate?
The plan after I graduate is to go to college, to bowl and to major in special education.