Tahkwan Ingraham, senior, indoor track, sprinter

Tahkwan is a versatile athlete, able to run anything from the 100 all the way up to the 400 intermediate hurdles, including relays. At the Varsity Classic he ran 24.4 in the 200 to place fourth in NYC. He is also moving on to the state group meet in
the 400, in which he has run a 51.04.Union High School indoor track coach Tony Stewart.

Your coach considers you pretty versatile, able to run anything from the 100 to 400. Is there an event you enjoy more than others? Relays?
I would say my favorite event would be the 200 meters because you get a chance to show off your speed, and it’s the most entertaining race on the track, in my opinion.

Are you looking forward to the outdoor season? Do you like running indoors or outdoors more?
I am very much looking forward to this outdoor season as I feel more prepared than ever before. I’m very excited to compete at a higher threshold than ever before. If I had to pick a favorite season, it would be outdoor.

Do you have any personal goals you’re trying to achieve this year in track?
Yes, I’ve talked with my coach about his expectations, and my expectations of this season, and we’ve set some goals, such as 21 seconds in the 200 meters, 49 seconds in the 400 meters and 55 seconds in the 400 hurdles.

Are there any other sports you participate in, either competitively or recreationally?
I’m open to participating in any sport for fun and recreation.

What do you do for relaxation when you’re not training or competing?
For relaxation or when I need to get away, I usually just stay in the house and take some time to myself or spend some time with my close friends just relaxing and having a good time.

Do you have a favorite TV show you like to watch or type of music you like to listen to?
My favorite type of TV shows would be superhero-centered shows such as “Black Lightning” and “The Flash” or crime shows such a “Law and Order: SVU.” I like to incorporate all music into my playlist, but I listen to a lot of old school R&B.

What subjects and activities do you enjoy at school?
My favorite subject would have to be anything involving marketing because I learn a lot and it’s a very hands-on class with a lot of interesting projects.

What are your plans after you graduate?
I plan to go to college and major in sports marketing. I am currently undecided in what I want my major/concentration to be, but I want to work toward getting my master’s.