Gabby Lamadieu – Junior Girls’ Soccer – Defender

“Gabby has established herself as one of the best defenders in the state this year. She is the lead driver in our defense that has stepped up tremendously. A great team begins with a great defense and Gabby has showed dedication and perseverance to establish consistency. She is also a leader off the field, bringing confidence to other players and a great presence to the team. Gabby has helped the team enter
NJ.com Top 20 and the semifinals in the Union County Tournament.”
—Union High School girls soccer coach Cassiano Dos Santos.

How long have you been playing soccer?
I have been playing soccer since I was 7 years old I started out on the Union recreational teams in first grade.

When did you start gravitating to the defensive side of the ball?
I started as a defender very young because of my size and strength.
I gravitate towards that position because I get to be involved in the build up of plays as well as stopping counteracts.

Do you enjoy other sports, either as a participant or spectator?
I played Suffragete Softball from third to fifth grade and I’ve been running on the varsity winter and spring track teams all three years of high school so far.

With all the soccer available on TV, how much do you watch?
Any favorite teams, leagues or players?
My favorite soccer to watch is NCAA women’s college soccer either online or on FS1. I also always make sure to watch the US women’s national team whenever they play on TV, and the premier league every Saturday morning but I’m not a fan of any specific team.

What activities do you enjoy outside of sports?
Outiside of sports I am a member of the peer ambassadors program at Union Highschool and I like to hangout with my friends when I’m not at work (at Padonnos pizzeria in Union) or doing homework.

With the holidays coming up, do you have any favorite traditions or things you look forward to?
This thanksgiving I actually have a soccer tournament in Florida that I’ll be playing so I’m looking forward to hopefully doing really well there, visiting my family that I don’t get to see very often, and watching the Macy’s thanksgiving parade together!

Do you have a favorite subject or subjects in school that you enjoy?
My favorite subject in school is history, my favorite classes are AP US history and American government and politics.

What will you do to occupy your time when the season ends?
Now that highs chool soccer is over my time will be occupied by winter track and club soccer.