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  1. Michael Pierone
    January 17, 2013

    I don’t know who Cheryl Hehl is but she clearly has a bias against Tina. There are very good reasons for Tina not to give the prosecutor the names of those county employees who were her sources. The county government I am sure would like to know who has been blowing the whistle so they can put the kibosh on it. Also I am concerned that the County Prosecutor would use the list of employees to “limit” the number of employees who get charged with any wrong doing to only those that Tina may know of.

    The County Prosecutor has shown in the past that he is unwilling to prosecute. There is no reason to believe that this has changed.

    Of course I can’t help but wonder why the County Prosecutor needs to talk to Tina at all. Isn’t there anyone in the county who is charged with keeping tabs on County equipment? Isn’t there any process for tracking the County’s equipment, like for example a log book? If not then the County Government is guilty of some major negligence of duty.

    I can’t help but notice that the County administration stopped their investigation supposedly because the Prosecutor is conducting one, meanwhile the Prosecutor is spending his time and resources trying to haul Tina into court? Whatever for? Find out who is responsible for tracking the County’s equipment and interview THAT person(s). Find out what procedures are in place to keep track of County inventory, and where the location of that equipment is recorded.

    Is it actually possible that the county doesn’t even have procedures in place to track the equipment paid for by tax payers?

    If there are such procedures and practices in place then the investigation should take all of about an hour. If not then Union County is being poorly run to say the very least.

    Something that Tina Renna has been very busy exposing for years. During this time she has clearly made some enemies. Mostly people who would like very much for her to just go away.

    I think THEY think they can use the Courts to intimidate Tina into doing just that. I also think they are dead wrong. Thank God for Tina Renna. We need more people like her.

    • bruce
      January 18, 2013

      Mr Pierone, you are correct in every instance of your post. I am a close supporter of Tina and the UCWA. They have done a fantastic job exposing the waste, abuse, mismanagement, self dealing and possible corruption at union county govt. That musicfest investiagion was a magnificently crafted scam with the end result just like the poltical powers behind the closed door wanted, which was nothing. Coincidentally at least, the county manager, George Devanney, Senator Lesniaks nephew, decided to retire weeks before the investigation was made public. You are right that the prosecutors department is run by incompetancy. That musicfest investigation proved it since they uncovered such waste and failure of proecedure along wtih hidden moneis found 6 months later, that one would think the investiagion would go back to the other years..but it stopped short for some reason (!). In fact it was easily found that $40,000 worth of missing beverage moneis was not even addressed or noted which makes one wonder if that was the payoff to ‘someone” to white wash the investigation.

      Attending union county FH mtgs for 10 years I have seen that for every action the county does has an ulterior agenda behind it. Tina and the UCWA has exposed much of this on thier webiste, time and time again. I wish her well and always financially donate to her watchdogs to defray costs when the call goes out, since they work hard in thier quest with no recompense for better government accountability.

  2. Andrew
    January 17, 2013

    Whether you need to address the staff writer or whoever is in charge of checking that the final proof is correct, could an effort be made to ensure that at least the headlines on the front page contain the proper word usage. The correct wording should have been “You’re”, the contraction, instead of “Your”, the possessive.

    • webmaster
      January 18, 2013

      Andrew you are correct, thank you.

  3. James Buettner
    January 20, 2013

    There is reporting, editorializing, and propaganda. Unfortunately, this article is pure propaganda. Why don’t you interview your subject and publish the account? I would be interested to see that article.

  4. bruce
    January 21, 2013

    The serious part of appearing for a subpoena in front of a grand jury is that the prosecutor can ask very probing questions and you have to answer them. Tina is right, that since she and the UCWA are investigative reporters, continually exposing the rampant corrupted system at union county govt, that they do not have to respond to the questions under the veil of the journalistic shield law. The prosecutor who allegedly is a “bought” political hack has a hidden agenda to actually expose the whistleblower within the county govt doing good for the taxpayers and against the corrupted self-entitled govt system; Does one think that the prosecutor would prosecute the politically connected anyway. As observing them for years, one can easily see thier modus operandi of the way they work. If this goes higher up the ladder, i will certainly support the funding it takes to thwart the prosecutors apparant devious and underhanded agenda.

  5. Citizenzwatch
    February 6, 2013

    Bruce is a member of the Watchdogs go to the website and claims all this corruption in Union County but can’t the AG to listen.The Watchdogs are all members Union County Repubilcan party and is supported financially by the Union county GOP who can’t get elected.

    • bruce paterson
      February 7, 2013

      c’mon zwatch, dont post patently misleading items, you know i am not a member of the UCWA, plus even if i was I am a democrat so your second sentence would be false. its false anyway becuase the Watchdogs are both dem and gop. Dont be a nuisance by blather, look into things first. This is what would get you tossed off forums.

  6. Jim
    February 7, 2013

    Citizenswatch, check your facts before you go off at the mouth. Not all, in fact 3/4 of the UCWA board members are NOT registered Republicans. I for one, am a registered Democrat, who choses to speak out against corruption, nepotism, and pay to play; regardless of party. Prosecutor Romankow’s prosecution of Tina is a blatant effort to get at her inside sources so they can be silenced (fired). Nothing more. Romankow has already set the white wash in motion by stating that the 3 or 4 county employees who he knows took generators “had permission from their bosses”. No more need be said.

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