Chinese-language children’s books donated to Summit Free Public Library

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SUMMIT, NJ — On Tuesday, Sept. 21, members of the Summit Free Public Library’s Chinese Club donated Chinese-language children’s books to the Summit Free Public Library.

Fundraising for this endeavor began in 2019, with $2,405 raised by January 2020. The first batch of books, 264, were donated to the library in October 2020. The second batch of books, 349, were donated to the library this September.

On Tuesday, Sept. 21, there was a ceremony commemorating this donation. In attendance were Susan Permahos, director of the Summit Free Public Library; Ann-Marie Aymer, head of Youth Services; Lisa O’Shaughnessy, children’s librarian; Sher Huang, who works in the library’s technical services department; and Mayor Nora Radest.

Permahos, the library’s director, said, “We are grateful for this donation from the Summit Free Public Library Chinese Club. We know the books will be put to good use by members of our community.”

“I am very proud of the members of the Chinese Club for stepping up to provide important resources to our library,” said Radest. “Through this effort, many more children will be able to enjoy Chinese literature, and our community can learn more about Chinese culture.”

Photos Courtesy of Judith Knott