Progress for Summit’s IBF turf upgrade project

Photo Courtesy of Amy Cairns The turf replacement project is under way at Investors Bank Field in Summit.
Photo Courtesy of Amy Cairns
The turf replacement project is under way at Investors Bank Field in Summit.

SUMMIT, NJ — On Friday, Aug. 26, there was new artificial turf for local recreation and high school football teams to scrimmage and play on at Investors Bank Field in Summit.

The Department of Community Programs reopened the track and playing field to the public and announced the completion of several renovations.

“Kudos to Director of Community Programs Judith Joseph and Councilman Pat Hurley, who made the best of a one year delay in the installation and got the city a better deal on professional-grade turf for this year,” Councilman Robert Rubino told LocalSource.

The project was designed by Tom Miller, of Premiere Product Development, a sports field design firm that also recently designed a successful project at the Tatlock Tennis Courts in June.

The renovations include new goal posts, soccer nets and safety fencing, as well as the latest advances in artificial turf technology, installed by Desso Sports Systems. There will soon be asphalt repairs made to paved surfaces. Additional designs are also in the works for the winter upon the conclusion of football season.

Council President Mike McTernan spoke about the next stage of the project in a phone interview with the LocalSource, saying, “There will be new bleachers installed this winter. They will be completely replaced. There will also be a concession stand, athletic box and sound system installed. There was a small window of time to get this portion of the project into place. The turf was completed in time for the mid-August start of football season. There have been a series of scrimmages that have already taken place on the field. Between the work of contractors and the community program, the turf is one of the few professional-grade fields in the state.”

In just the past few weeks, several athletes have been spotted utilizing the field. They have also provided the community with positive feedback regarding the project. Both recreational and educational teams have utilized the turf.

“This fall, the football team will utilize the turf,” McTernan said to LocalSource on the phone. “In the spring, the lacrosse teams will do the same.”

“People are excited to see the turf replaced,” Councilman at Large Richard Sun told LocalSource on the phone. “The old field was very outdated. I’ve seen people on the track and football teams on the field. I believe the middle school team played on the field and the high school team has scrimmaged.”

“So far the feedback I’ve received about the project has all been very positive,” Sun told LocalSource on the phone. “I’m sure people will have more to say as they utilize the field more and experience the new additions to the field.”

The artificial turf replacement project was funded by the City of Summit Capital Improvement Plan, with grant assistance from Union County Kids Recreation Trust Fund and Field Restoration Fund. The total cost of the project was $635,000.