Chris Capodice

Chris Capodice, Democrat
Chris Capodice is a school administrator and has experience on Springfield’s Planning Board, Environmental Commission and Green Team. He has lived in Springfield for 11 years with his wife, Lisa, and
two children, who both attend public schools. Capodice has volunteered in his children’s athletic programs, as well as the Girl Scouts and as a lector at St. James Church. He is running on a platform to keep property taxes in check, revitalize the downtown, and make government more open and accountable.

Geri Bujnowski

Geri Bujnowski, Republican
Geri Bujnowski has served as a Springfield Township committeewoman, chairing the Finance Subcommittee and serving as the liaison to the Environmental Commission. Bujnowski has lived with her family in Springfield for 25 years; managed businesses
for 36 years; taught religious education; and coordinated the Memorial Day Parade and Veterans Day ceremony. She has called flood mitigation and redevelopment her biggest issues, and declared to work with legislators on state regulations she believes are crippling the downtown.

Jeff Rosenberg

Jeff Rosenberg, Independent
Jeff Rosenberg is a 26-year resident of Springfield; a teacher, volunteer and local business owner. Prior to that, he was in corporate senior management with 28 years of experience,
managing large staffs and dealing with budgets in excess of $100 million. He is running as an independent on a platform of “party politics doesn’t belong locally,” saying issues too often get sidelined
because “there’s nothing we can do” and “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”