Roselle distributes 700 boxes of food to residents

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ROSELLE, NJ — Roselle officials and volunteers gave out 700 boxes of food to residents on Tuesday, May 4, as part of the borough’s emergency food distribution event.
The event was orchestrated by Council President Denise Wilkerson, in partnership with Councilwoman Cindy Thomas, Nancy Bolden from Roselle First CDC and 4MyCiTy, a nonprofit organization committed to eradicating food insecurity.

“We are so pleased that we were able to provide some relief to our residents,” said Wilkerson. “While this one event is not going to completely solve the problem, it certainly helped hundreds of people and was the borough’s way of showing some love to our community.”

Mayor Donald Shaw and the Borough Council continue to be supportive of these important events that help the community during this difficult time.

The boxes included a variety of fresh food, such as apples, potatoes and other vegetables, along with chicken, milk and other dairy products. Officials were pleased to offer fresh, perishable items to the residents.

“This event was the perfect opportunity to serve our community during this lingering pandemic, and, based on feedback, it was well needed and appreciated by our residents,” said Thomas.

A major part of this event’s success is thanks to the hard work of the dedicated volunteers, according to Wilkerson and Thomas.

“These volunteers proactively signed up to help their community, and it just warmed my heart to see so many people of various ages come together because we all care about Roselle,” said Wilkerson.

Volunteers included Yasmin Taliaferrow, Benicia Destin, Darlene Laplante, Daryl Purnell, Thabiti Boone, Wilson Antoine, Donna Eleazer, Jeanne Marie Ryan, Karen Vidal, Gilberto Vidal, Rhonda Johnson, Norma Hall and Rupert Thomas.

“It was great to see the Roselle community come together to address the lingering ravages of COVID-19. Coming from a background of social service and community engagement, I felt right at home. In my short time with the borough, seeing members of governance, nonprofit organizations, along with borough staff and volunteers working to assist the residents of our community served as a further indication that Roselle is moving forward together,” said borough administrator Rick Smiley, a crucial partner in the planning of the distribution.

Other notable participants included Councilwoman Cynthia Johnson, Nidian Ruiz, Everett Falt, Eugenia Simms, the Roselle Police Department and the Roselle Department of Public Works.

Photos Courtesy of Liv Meier