Police department to update uniforms worn by patrol officers

Photo Courtesy of Daniel J. McCaffery
Roselle Park Police Chief Daniel J. McCaffery, left, and another officer display the traditional uniform and the new uniform that will be worn by patrol officers.

ROSELLE PARK — In an effort to modernize the look of the Roselle Park Police Department, Chief Daniel J. McCaffery has announced changes to the uniforms worn by the agency’s patrol officers. The new uniform comes after more than 30 years with the same style. The new look is aimed to reduce injuries to officers, and the modern material keeps officers comfortable in all climates.

McCaffery stated, “The Roselle Park Police Department invests in the health and well-being of our officers. Studies have shown that the No. 1 injury to a police officer is chronic back pain. The No. 1 cause for the back pain has been shown to be constant pressure from the officer’s duty belt, which can weigh up to 30 pounds. A typical day for a police officer involves a 12-hour shift, and that can add a constant strain to the officer’s back. This new uniform style is aimed at reducing that pressure by placing the weight to the outer vest carrier.”

The new uniform includes an outer vest carrier, which will carry the officer’s equipment and bullet-resistant vest. It also includes a new shirt and cargo pants, which allow the officer to carry necessary equipment on their person.

“We wanted to modernize our look while still maintaining our traditions of professionalism and service,” said the chief.