New city clerk gets settled in Rahway

RAHWAY, NJ — Jeffrey Jotz, former City Clerk of Rahway, was recently replaced by the former city clerk of Hillside and Raritan, Rayna E. Harris. The city clerk is charged with the maintenance of all public records, including agendas, minutes, resolutions and ordinances of the Municipal Council. The city clerk is also responsible for issuing various licenses and permits.

“Jeff Jotz left this city for an opportunity that met his skills and interests,” said Business Administrator of Rahway Cherron Rountree. “Ms. Harris was appointed at the city meeting on May 23 to serve as city clerk. Ms. Harris is more than qualified for the position. She is a registered municipal clerk, certified municipal registrar, notary public and holds a master’s degree in public administration. Ms. Harris has served for numerous municipalities, and is a valuable and welcome asset to our team. We are happy to have her on board.”

The city clerk is responsible for attending all council meetings and executing contracts. The office of the city clerk is a busy and vital part of the municipality that includes social, judicial, civic, legislative and other matters.
Harris is no newcomer to local government or to the position of city clerk she has experience working in municipalities located in Union and Somerset counties. She is still acclimating to her new environment, as she took office less than one month ago. However so far the experience has been a positive one for her.

“I’m a very modest person,” said Harris. “I’m not used to being in the spotlight or getting a lot of attention. I just started my new position in Rahway on May 19 so this is very new to me. So far the experience has been a positive one.”

Harris feels her experiences have prepared her to work in a city government.
“I’ve been involved in local government for over 10 years now,” Harris told LocalSource. “This is where my career path has led me. I went to school and studied very hard to prepare me for this role. I also earned certifications that granted me with these opportunities. I enjoy my job because I like working with the public. I find it very rewarding to help other people. I’m still getting used to the lay of the land here in Rahway, but I think this city has great potential for growth and development.”

Harris is new to a city environment, which is the most challenging aspect of her new position. However she has years of experience backing her as she grows accustomed to her new surroundings. She’s also excited to join local government officials, such as Mayor Samson Steinman, to make a positive impact on the city.

“This is a different form of government because it’s a city,” said Harris. “I have years of experience working in Hillside prior to this. My first role as city clerk was in 2010 when I worked in Raritan. I’m very new to Rahway, though, as I’m still in the process of organizing my desk. This is a transition for me as I emerge myself in this new opportunity for growth.”

Harris is excited to continue to help the city of Rahway.
“I think it will be a very rewarding experience as I put my six years of experience in this role to good use. I’m very happy to be a part of Rahway’s government, and I look forward to working in this location. I’m very new to this city, though, and with the holiday and elections that just took place, it was a very challenging first few weeks.”