Trinitas Regional Medical Center CEO sets example as first to take COVID-19 vaccine

Photo Courtesy of Trinitas Regional Medical Center
Registered nurse Geraldine Cruz administers Trinitas’ first COVID-19 vaccination to Gary Horan, president and chief executive officer of Trinitas Regional Medical Center.

ELIZABETH, NJ — Saying, “I wouldn’t ask anyone to do something that I wouldn’t do,” Trinitas Regional Medical Center President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Horan was the first to roll up his sleeve and receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, Dec. 17. Fifty front-line staff members followed his example. The vaccine is being offered initially to the hospital’s front-line workers, then to the entire 2,700 member workforce in the days ahead.

“I think it’s important to set an example,” Horan said. “I think many are waiting to see who else takes it and what side effects there may be, if any. Our medical staff here at Trinitas agrees with the overwhelming body of evidence that shows the vaccine is safe and highly effective in safeguarding the individual, his or her family, and the community at large. I urge everyone to take the vaccine when it becomes publicly available.”