Community leader is honored at committee meeting in Cranford

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CRANFORD, NJ — A proclamation was made to recognize Cranford Soccer Club President Jason Quinones and his contributions to the community in that capacity at the Cranford Township Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 25.

“Cranford is a town of volunteers, but there are some volunteers who kind of set the standard for the rest of us and really rise above and beyond what people would normally do and give. So tonight, we are going to honor one such person — Jason Quinones,” Commissioner Mary O’Connor said during her remarks on Tuesday, May 25.

O’Connor read the proclamation, which highlighted how much Quinones had given to the Cranford Soccer Club and community. The Cranford Soccer Club, founded in 1980, is a nonprofit organization that services 1,300 unique players each year and is 100-percent run by volunteers.

“Whereas Jason Quinones has been a Cranford resident for over 18 years, where he and his wife, Carole, have raised their family on Walnut Avenue,” O’Connor read. “Each of their four children — Brennan, Kelsey, Sean and Drew — have played for the Cranford Soccer Club; and whereas the Cranford Soccer Club is helping foster the enhancement and development of soccer for Cranford residents of all ages and abilities, and whereas our community thrives because of the selflessness of volunteers like Jason Quinones. For 15 years serving as a board member of the Cranford Soccer Club, including serving as president for the last five years, Jason has put the children of Cranford first. …

“Whereas, it is no exaggeration to say that thousands of children from Cranford have had a better experience with soccer because of Jason’s efforts; and whereas Mr. Quinones’ caring, considerate manner and tireless work on behalf of the club is evident in more than just the smiles on the faces of the children who play soccer in Cranford,” she continued. “Mr. Quinones’ work with the Cranford Soccer Club’s infrastructure, i.e., the installation of both lights and turf on Memorial Field, will serve as a shining legacy of Mr. Quinones’ service to our community.

“Whereas we thank Jason Quinones for all that he has done for our children. The Cranford Soccer Club hopes to carry forward Mr. Quinones’ selfless and energetic spirit and attitude; and now, therefore, be it resolved that the Township Committee of the township of Cranford thanks and commends Jason Quinones for his dedication to the Cranford community and to his work as a leading advocate for the Cranford Soccer Club and wishes him much success in all his future endeavors.”

Thankful for the recognition, Quinones spoke before the council and those in attendance, offering words of gratitude.

“I just want to say thank you very much to this wonderful group here,” said Quinones on Tuesday, May 25. “I’m truly honored, and this was a surprise to me. I want to thank my family and my friends for attending. I did not set out to be on the board, and I didn’t think it would be 15 years. But I’m just one person out of many. I don’t want anyone to think that I do this alone.

“We’ve got a wonderful board, and you guys have been instrumental in the success we’ve had in town, he added. “Again, I’m truly honored and I appreciate it very much.”