Kelly Mc Auliffe, a senior on the girls varsity gymnastics team, center, stands with her coaches, Mike Dow and Michele Charney-Hulse.

Kelly Mc Auliffe, varsity gymnast

“I am nominating Kelly Mc Auliffe, who just became the Union County beam champion.”
— Coach Michele Charney-Hulse

What is your favorite part of gymnastics?
“The community that comes along with being a gymnast. Both in the high school and club season, we’re familiar with all of the girls and support everyone who is competing, whether they’re your competition of not. It’s a lot of fun to go out there and compete with a family of friends and teammates.”

In what ways has the sport benefitted you?
“In making me a hardworking and self-driven individual. Most of gymnastics is all a mental sport, so if you push through and work hard enough, it’s easy to reach your goals, especially with a team like I have, encouraging and supporting me along the way.”

What is your biggest challenge in gymnastics?
“My nerves. We put in hours and hours of work each day leading up to meets, where your entire team is counting on you. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to relax when it comes time to perform. I rely on my teammates cheering for me to get me through my routines.”

What are some goals you wish to accomplish before the season ends?
“I really hope that, as a team, we make it to States this year. It’s been a really great season and we’ve only gotten better, as the season has progressed. I think this team really has a great opportunity to break our own record again as a team and make it to the state competition. I also hope to make individual states.”

What other hobbies do you have?
“Despite the large commitment that comes with gymnastics, I’m also involved in the performing arts department at the high school, in my enrollment in the Cranford High School Concert Choir.”

What are your plans post high school?
“Post high school, I plan on attending college. I’m unsure about the school; however, I plan on majoring in pre-medical studies.”

What is your favorite subject in school?
“Science class, specifically chemistry and biology.”