Keith Brown, varsity cross country

“Keith Brown is a senior captain and leader for us who has consistently been one of our top performers for four years. He is a pleasure to coach.”
— Coach John Schiano

What is your favorite part of cross country?
“Cheering on my fellow teammates during our meets. Whether I’m cheering before or after my own race, enthusiastically encouraging my teammates and seeing their performances improve before my eyes gives me just as much satisfaction as any of my own accomplishments.”

In what ways has the sport benefitted you?
“In countless ways, from the wonderful friends I’ve made on the team to the sense of achievement I feel after every race, this sport has made an
unforgettable impact on my life.”

What is your biggest cross country challenge?
“Maintaining a constant positive attitude during my races. During the especially painful parts of the race, I often end up discouraged and have trouble maintaining my fast pace, which is why I believe that a positive attitude while racing is so important. As my wise teammate Thomas Whitehead once said: ‘Extraordinary runners run with their legs, their mind and their heart.’”

What are some goals you want to accomplish before the season ends?
“Breaking my personal 5K record of 17:35. Last race, I ran 17:40 on a very difficult course, so I am optimistic in my abilities to achieve and exceed my goal, hopefully running in the low 17:00s.”

What other hobbies do you have?
“I love spending time outdoors, whether biking, hiking, camping or just reading a book in my backyard. Additionally, I’ve recently taken up sticker collecting and I also have an intense passion for cartography, the practice of making maps.”

What are your plans post high school?
“I am hoping to get into one of my top colleges and graduate with a degree in political science, after which I will either work in Washington, D.C., in the political sphere or continue my studies to become a constitutional lawyer.”

What is your favorite subject in school?
“History. In a constantly evolving world, it is important to learn from the past and to use this information to prepare for the future.”