Trey Pascual,
varsity pole vaulter

“Trey Pascual has made tremendous improvement since his debut and just completed an incredible season where he won a state sectional title in the pole vault and qualified for the NJ Meet of Champions by clearing a height of 13 feet. In addition, Trey teamed with Mark Lynch to win the NJ Group 3 State Relay title in the pole vault. Trey dedicates hours each week to travel to New York State to practice at an indoor pole vault facility called ‘The Barn.’ This level of commitment is what helped lead to his success.”
— Coach John Schiano

What is your favorite song lyric?
“I don’t know my favorite song lyric, but my favorite songs currently
are ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur and anything from
Ed Sheeran’s new album.”

What are your rituals and habits?
“The night before a track meet, I meditate for at least half an hour, to clear mind and focus on building positive energy for the next day. Right before the vault, I always put way too much hand chalk on my hands and clap twice to get the excess chalk off. I tap the track at least eight times, or until I get the right feeling, with my left shoe. Then, I tell one of my teammates to tell me our pole vaulting saying, ‘Run fast, be tall,’ and then I start bolting down the runway.”

What is your favorite fictional character?

What is your favorite restaurant?
“La Parrilla in Colonia.”

What would be your superpower, if you had one?
“Super speed.”

Where would you travel?
“The Swiss Alps.”

What is your greatest fear?
“Not being able to find my own way.”

What is your favorite car?
“Tesla Model S P100d.”

What is your most watched television channel?

What is your favorite board game?