New mayor sworn in at reorganization meeting

CRANFORD, NJ — At Cranford’s reorganization meeting Tuesday, Jan. 3, Tom Hannen was sworn in as the new mayor; Patrick Giblin as deputy mayor; and Andis Kalnins, Mary O’Connor and the newly elected Ann Dooley, as commissioners. Ryan Cooper was sworn in as the new township attorney.

Hannen and Giblin were also nominated and elected as chairman and vice chairman, respectively, for the Cranford Township Committee.

Cooper was elected almost unanimously for a one-year term as the township attorney, with only Kalnins voting against him.

“I believe we are in complicated legal times and should be bringing in someone with significant knowledge of municipal law and that has contacts in that area
too,” Kalnins said at the meeting.

Cooper expressed his commitment to serve Cranford, bringing his expertise to the town.

“I’m very honored and excited to bring my professional skills to the community,” Cooper told Cranford Life over the phone. “I’ve been committed to this town for a long time.”

Township Clerk Tara Rowley was honored for her 10 years of work as she congratulated the new officials elected to their positions. There was an empty seat at the meeting for Terence Wall, the township administrator, who was absent due to the death of his nephew.

“I’d like to thank Jon Bramnick for swearing me in tonight,” O’Connor said. “I would also like to thank the residents for putting their faith in me. Next to raising my daughter, serving the town of Cranford has been the most rewarding job I’ve ever done. The flooding and repairing programs have been a success. The most important contribution I made was funding the Cranford Community Connection. As commissioner of public safety, I will continue to work with the police and fire departments to promote pedestrian safety and awareness.”

Dooley spoke more about the new township attorney and expressed her confidence in him.

“I will be an official member of the Planning Board,” Dooley said. “As the commissioner, I’m looking forward to all my appointments and assignments. I look forward to working with Ryan Cooper. I practiced law for 25 years. Ryan surprised me; he knocked my socks off. He has expertise in areas we desperately need. It’s a huge advantage to us. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with his education in municipal law. Fifty-four percent of my taxes go to the Board of Education, and he’s a member of the Board of Education. I’m very excited he will be our township attorney.”

Attempts were made by Cranford Life to directly contact Hannen, Giblin, O’Connor and Kalnins for comment, but they did not respond prior to press time.