Union County introduces new office on women

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Women have come a long way when it comes to pursuing equal opportunities in careers, education and rights. Our country is even dawning on the possibility of electing a female president. The Union County Freeholders introduced a new office on women to aid them in their pursuits. This office is the first of its kind in the state.

The purpose of the office is to ensure women have the opportunity to reach their full potential and receive the services they seek. The office provides resources on health, education, career and awareness. The office will work to ensure local programs and services support women in their leadership, equality and advancement. It will focus on their role both inside and outside the home.

“These programs are often cut at the state level,” said Coordinator Jennifer Erdos. “Women need these services. We reach out to services and organizations to work together to meet the needs of women and positively impact families. We want to make sure the phone number for the Rape Crisis Center is accessible in public places.”

For women struggling with issues inside the home, the office offers information about where to find help with issues such as domestic violence and poverty. They also focus on addiction recovery and substance abuse. Taking care of physical and mental health issues are the first steps women can take to leading productive, successful lives. Many emotional disorders are more commonly found in women than men.

Housing and shelters are offered to women so that they can gain independence and have the opportunity to start fresh. It also ensures that women will have a place to live while pursuing career and leadership opportunities. During difficult economic situations, these services can benefit both women and their families.

Childcare is another service offered through the office. While women juggle work and family life, they might need affordable childcare. This is another way the office is working to positively influence families.

“The Office on Women will provide a platform for leadership and advocacy on the needs of women of all ages, and serve as a catalyst for awareness and action on current and emerging issues that impact women’s lives,” said Freeholder Chairman Bruce H. Bergen.
The primary purpose of the office is to connect women with government services offered to them. They are encouraged to seek help, and they are provided with the information they need to improve their lives. It’s never too late for women to make a change. As time progresses, women are becoming more recognized for their valued members of society, and they can act as inspiration to other women as they take advantage of the services offered to them. When one woman shows enough courage to succeed, other women might find comfort in taking a similar approach. They can be an inspiration to each other as well as to the community as a whole. The office recognizes the challenges that women face in life, and it is working toward helping them overcome these obstacles.

Future generations of women might be better off due to the opportunities available to women today. It’s up to women to take the help offered to them and make the most of their lives. They can also act as inspiration to their children by showing them a better life, and that life can always improve.

Jennifer Erdos can be contacted through email at jerdos@ucnj.org or by phone at 908-527-4216. The office is located at 10 Elizabethtown Plaza on the second floor.


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  1. Roger   May 29, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    After 40 yrs of feminism, the patriarchy now condescends to help the “little woman”.