Elizabethtown Gas customers to receive second refund in three months

UNION — As part of an ongoing effort to provide the best energy value to customers, Elizabethtown Gas announced its customers will receive their second refund in three months.

Elizabethtown Gas will provide refunds totaling $10 million to residential and small commercial customers, starting in March 2015. The amount each customer will receive varies based on their natural gas usage over a 12-month period. For example, a typical heating customer who uses 1,000 therms annually will receive approximately $44, inclusive of taxes.

This refund is in addition to the refund customers received in January. Both were a result of lower than projected natural gas costs. Elizabethtown Gas purchases gas supplies for its customers without markup, and recovers the costs it incurs through the Basic Gas Supply Services rate, which is adjusted to reflect changes in market conditions.

“While natural gas prices remain at historic lows, we have taken considerable steps to reduce gas costs and maximize the value of our gas supply assets to benefit our customers,” said Brian MacLean, president of Elizabethtown Gas.

“We are pleased to pass along additional cost savings to our customers, particularly during the winter months when they are using more natural gas to stay warm and comfortable.”

For more information about the refund, visit www.elizabethtowngas.com.