Fun and games, for a good cause

UCL-autism awareness-COn Friday, April 26, members of the Crusader Athletic Leadership Council participated in the Clark School District’s Autism Awareness Day at the Clark Pre-School through various activities, including enjoying the multi-colored parachute. C.A.L.C. members participated in numerous events throughout the occasion that not only were enjoyable for all of the children, but also raised awareness for autism. ‘The C.A.L.C. was thrilled to be able to assist with the Clark School District’s Autism Awareness Day events at the Clark Pre-School,’ said Gus Kalikas, Supervisor of Athletics, Health, and Physical Education at Arthur L. Johnson High School. ‘It was fun watching the High School Student Athletes as they interacted with the young children, and I think both groups not only enjoyed the experience, but learned a lot while doing it.’