Woolley Fuel celebrating 5th Anniversary of biodiesel product in its 90th year of business

ESSEX COUNTY — On Dec. 5, 2008 Norman Woolley of Maplewood’s Woolley Fuel made state history by becoming the first to offer Biodiesel to the public. The public supply is made possible by the installation of a blending system and a retail fuel dispenser. The blending dispenser is capable of fueling diesel-powered vehicles with a blend range from 5% Biodiesel to 30% Biodiesel.

“We are pleased that demand has pushed the blending system to the max. The public has been asking for higher blends still” said Woolley. B30 is the maximum ratio blend the computer blending system is currently configured for.

Since the system was opened for public use in 2008, many have adopted using the cleaner burning fuel. Diesel motorists and NJ homeowners heating with Oilheat are now even closer to having the clean fuel abundantly available.

According to Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey Executive Vice President Eric DeGesero, “Biodiesel offers New Jersey consumers a fantastic choice for their home heating and diesel fuel needs. Both Bioheat® and Biodiesel are compatible with existing equipment and not only reduce the carbon intensity of fuel but also increase varied domestic sources of energy. Recognizing the numerous benefits of biodiesel, the New Jersey Legislature is currently considering legislation which would require all heating oil sold in the state to contain a blend of biodiesel beginning in July 2014.”

The anniversary recognizes more than the installation alone, but also a dynamic shift in the customer, business relationship. Since the Biodiesel innovation, Norm Woolley has become active in community efforts to educate and create more awareness surrounding renewable energy sources. From providing training to the state Weights & Measures on Biodiesel to leading Kent Place AP Environmental class about Biofuels. The fuel has provided a shift in opportunity from fuel supplier to energy and future generations advocate.

“We’ve transitioned to educators in a sense, because our customers are interested in what Biodiesel is and what it means to them, and this naturally progressed into becoming a resource for customers and the overall community on energy in general. It’s allowed us to stay in front of community concerns as it relates to their home and everyday energy demands,” said Woolley.

Customer demand at the Biodiesel dispenser has increased volume sales, month over month and year over year. Biodiesel sales have now doubled their regular diesel sales. The Township of Maplewood and the Township of South Orange continue to use the fuel and more recently the Township of Livingston has become a customer. We have even made deliveries to the US Army’s Core of Engineers boat located in NY Harbor as Biodiesel becomes more and more popular.

“Beyond the business impact, which we are very happy about, it has created great enthusiasm around our organization for how we support our customers and the community. It’s been a pivotal turning point to help change the perspective of being a fuel company. We are a fuel company, but now we are much more to our customers than just fuel – we are their resource for energy information, supply, and conservation. The innovation provided us a platform for growing our relationship with the community. I’m happy they’ve embraced it, not just for the sake of our business, but for the sake of generations to come” said Woolley.

“We are grateful to the commitment from Woolley Fuel. Their expansion was the first of its kind to offer a range of BioDiesel blends to New Jersey diesel motorists. BioDiesel is a superior fuel not only because of the performance improvements over traditional fuels, but also because of the vast reduction in emissions and because it promotes domestic energy production. We celebrate Woolley Fuel and their commitment to more sustainable energy for the future” said Steve McCracken, AMERIgreen President.

Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine with little to no modification. Woolley Fuel will soon offer Bioheating Oil and Biodiesel to all residential heating oil and commercial diesel customers. Woolley Fuel is a family owned business serving Essex, Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon and Union counties in the state of New Jersey with oil heat and other energy services since 1924.