Kumpf 7th graders debate Gov. Christie’s proposed longer school hours

Pix - Hamilton0123CLARK — Recently, Gov. Chris Christie suggested that the school day be extended an extra hour. The students at Carl H. Kumpf Middle School in Clark had mixed review regarding whether or not this would be a good idea so Suzanne Hamilton, a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, used this great debate to her advantage.

Hamilton’s students worked in groups to make persuasive letter introductions in which they compiled their thoughts to brainstorm both sides of the debate.

After taking a look at their options, the groups chose the side that they felt was stronger in order to construct their persuasive letters.

Here is a photo of Melissa Lettieri, Julianna Rizzutto, and Gentiana Lecaj who worked together by writing the introduction to their letter on the white-board tables with dry-erase markers. The girls took turns rotating the table so they could revise and make changes to their letter.