Roselle Police have begun downtown walking patrols for holiday season

ROSELLE — The Roselle Police Department has instituted Walking Patrols in the local business districts for the Holiday Season. Officers will be patrolling on foot in the center of town as well as the Roselle Commons Shopping District and the Roselle Shopping Center.

“It is well known that burglaries and thefts increase during the Holiday Season and it is the Department’s responsibility to ensure a police presence for shoppers and business owners,” said Police Chief Gerard Orlando. “Our goal is for shoppers and business owners to have a sense of security during the Holiday Season.”

In addition, officers will conduct patrols in marked and unmarked police vehicles in these areas as well as other areas of Roselle as a crime prevention measure.

The Roselle Police Department will also be assigning police officers to DWI Enforcement Patrols throughout the Holiday Season. The Department has received funding through the Division of Highway Traffic Safety for these patrols and they are expected to last through the New Year.

During the Holiday Season, as well as all other times throughout the year, Orlando recommends calling the police department to report suspicious activity. “Members of the Community are the eyes and ears of the police department and we are asking for your assistance – ‘If you see something, say something,’” said Orlando.