Needle Niters to work on gift bags at Fanwood Presbyterian on Nov. 1

CIMG1184FANWOOD — The monthly Needle Nite at Fanwood Presbyterian Church is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m. in Westminister Hall on Marian Ave.

The quilters will work on gift bags that will go to shut-ins and nursing homes. The “Quilt As You Go” new pattern quilt will be continued at home. Last month, the quilters made 15 flannel blankets that will be given to the homeless.

And, those who knit and crochet will be making decorations to be attached to the gift bags. Their continued work on items for new born babies, for Seafarers and nursing homes will be done at home.

All are welcome to come see what is being done and to join the group.
If fabric, batting or yarn is needed, Needle Niters may e-mail their request to The donated materials used end up in many forms usable be the charities that receive them. The Needle Nite Participants then take their newly learned skills for their use at home.

For further information about these projects or directions to Fanwood Presbyterian Church call the office at 908-889-8891 or e-mail .