Union OKs $230,000 for street improvements

UNION, N.J. — The Township Council has OK’d $230,000 for its 2020 road improvement program, approving a contract with Maser Consulting of Red Bank for the work at its Oct. 8 meeting.

“We do roads every year, and what we’ve done in the last eight, nine, 10 years, we present that to the government body,” Business Administrator Ron Manzella said in a phone interview on Oct. 11.
“These are roads that need work on them. We want to eventually get to every street. We’ve made tremendous progress. We’ve dealt with other problems — we go out to bid for a contract.”

In addition, the Township Committee requested the Planning Board to review a draft resolution concerning seeking to study an area of Springfield Avenue for possible designation as an area in need of rehabilitation.

The resolution is “a way to help businesses and property owners in that area,” Manzella said. “It allows people to improve their property, expand their property. There has been an increase in taxes. Between Stuyvesant and Morris, the owners were able to put in two areas of housing. It needs to be an area of rehabilitation and redevelopment.

“An area of redevelopment is much more enhanced study of the area, whereas an area of rehabilitation is a lesser threshold. It’s just a way of trying to help the people who have property there. It’s just a tool that’s used to help businesses and property owners to improve on their investment.”