Gabby Martinez, bowling, freshman

“Gabriela, better known as Gabby, is a freshman member of the varsity bowling team. Bowling in a boys division can be tough for some, but Gabby, although young, displays great poise and carries herself strong on the lanes. She has made some great strides this year starting out with a 113 average and boosting it to a 140. Her high game of the season is a 224 and her high series is a 523. Gabby also advanced in the county tournament and finished fifth among the girls. I expect great things to come for Gabby in her future and look forward to not only coaching her, but also watch her grow more as a bowler.”
Union bowling coach Danielle Scheuermann

Your coach praised you for increasing your average almost 30 pins over the last year. What do you attribute to your success?
If it wasn’t for my coaches and my parents I would not be here today. My coaches have taught me the techniques I use to this day and my parents support me in what I do.

What is your proudest moment of the season?
The proudest moment of the season for me was when I shot my first game above a 200.

Are there any challenges that come with bowling in a boys division?
If so, what are they?
For the past three years I have been on an all-boys bowling team on my Saturday morning bowling, so for me there are not any challenges on being the only girl on the team.

What do you do when you’re not in school or on the lanes?
When I am not at school or on the lanes, I am either doing Girl Scouts or free drawing.

How did you first become interested in bowling?
When I was in kindergarten, I did not want to do any sports that were outside, but when my mom told me about bowling, I told her I would try it out. Ever since then I’ve been doing bowling.