Surveillance cameras coming to Cranford station due to bike thefts

Photo by Jenny Goldberg
A spike in bicycle thefts this summer in Cranford, particularly at the Cranford Train Station, has prompted authorities to seek surveillance cameras.

CRANFORD, NJ — Surveillance cameras will be installed at the Cranford Train Station in a collaborative effort between the Cranford Police Department, NJ Transit and NJ Transit Police following a recent marked increase in bicycle theft, Sgt. Ryan Greco told LocalSource on Aug. 29.
According to Lt. Stephan Wilde of the Cranford Police Department, there have been 17 reported bike thefts since June 1. He said the department has noted a definite increase in thefts during the past two to three months.

While residents have taken to social media to express concerns surrounding the thefts and the absence of security at the station, Wilde noted that bikes have been stolen all around town, from the business district to residential neighborhoods.

“There has definitely been an increase of bicycle thefts at the Cranford Train Station. The Cranford Police Department does take reported incidents of thefts, but ultimately the property falls under the jurisdiction on New Jersey Transit,” Sgt. Ryan Greco said.

Cranford resident Diane Price told LocalSource on Aug. 29 that despite her $600 bike being double locked, it was stolen from the south side of the train station on Aug. 21. Price asked the CPD to implement security measures, but because the train station is under the jurisdiction of NJ Transit, it must install any surveillance devices, such as cameras.
Price said she called NJ Transit, but that no one returned her call.

Wilde told LocalSource that the CPD brought the issue to NJ Transit’s knowledge only recently.
“Unfortunately, due to the fact that the property is owned and operated by NJ Transit, I do not have a time frame for the installation on the fixed cameras,” said Sgt. Ryan Greco.

NJ Transit did not say when the installation will occur.

“NJ Transit continually seeks ways to increase security for our customers and improve the efficiency of operations throughout the transportation system,” the rail line said in email dated Sept. 5.

“As part of that commitment, NJ TRANSIT is in the process of procuring video cameras for Cranford station.”