Rahway students selected for SEEDS program

RAHWAY, NJ — Eleventh-graders John Goodman, Alexis Burgess, Seth Holguin and Luis Muller were selected for the Scholars, Educators, Excellence, Dedication, Success, program, an organization that prepares highly motivated, top-performing students from low-income households for admission to colleges across the country.

The four Rahway students were selected for the College Scholars program, a 17-month experience to prepare them for college placement with sufficient financial aid. The SEEDS Placement Team matches students to the most appropriate school with regards to academics, social environment and cultural fit. The application process consisted of an application, test and interview.

“I found out about SEEDS from my guidance counselor,” John Goodman told LocalSource over the phone. “I’m interested in studying environmental sciences, so I hope to find a college that fits my needs and helps me achieve success in this area. I was very happy to be selected and I’m very hopeful for the future. I’m happy to have the help and support of this program.”

John’s father is very proud of his son’s acceptance into SEEDS. He notices how he takes the initiative when it comes to his education.

“John is very self motivated and all of the students are really academic prodigies,” Vincent Goodman Sr. told LocalSource over the phone Feb. 2.
With the help of SEEDS, all four students said they hope to stand a good chance at attending top notch schools.

“I hope to attend a prestigious college without a lot of student loans,” Seth Holguin told LocalSource over the phone Feb. 2. “I’m very excited to start the program.”

The program consists of Saturday classes held at Drew University, college tours, test preparation and a three-month summer college visit. Classes began on Saturday, Feb. 4 at Drew University, the students said.

“I’m one of the top 10 percent of my class and I want to attend a big school to become an algebra or physics teacher because I love math,” Luis Muller told LocalSource over the phone. “I was really surprised and excited about this opportunity.”

Most of the students considered their parents to be their academic role models and the motivation behind all their hard work.

“My mother is very hard working, and she never stops working so that motivates me,” Holguin said.

According to the SEEDS organization’s website, there are guidance and alumni programs at SEEDS for students that have completed the program successfully. The alumni department provides support services to college students.

“My future goal is to become successful as an engineer. So far, I would like to be an aerospace engineer or a biomedical engineer,” Alexis Burgess told LocalSource in an email. “The SEEDS program will help me achieve my goals by preparing me mentally and physically for the college life. The SEEDS program will help enhance my critical thinking skills, love of learning and self-confidence, all of which will prepare me for the college process.”