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  1. Sonya
    December 15, 2016

    Do you realize that Tony Montes is a fake Facebook profile?

  2. John Z
    December 16, 2016

    Regarding this article on a 3% increase in the Mayor’s office budget: it’s probably not a very good justification to call the city a “breeding ground for corruption.” This is the sort of hyperbole that works well in Facebook rants, but doesn’t advance any logical argument. That’s why real reporters don’t copy/paste Facebook rants into articles. But the Local Source decided that this was such an important point of view that it had to be included – even without attribution – to sum up the story.

    This is otherwise a trainwreck of a budget article. None of the claims it makes have any context and the angry, wild claims in it have nothing to back them up. Is the Local Source is too busy to track down reasonable people to talk about Elizabeth’s budget? How much IS the total budget? What percentage of the budget does the mayor’s office take up? Which department heads had increases and how much were those increases? Could you have put this in a spreadsheet and made a little chart?

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