Cranford holds ninth annual Scarecrow Stroll

Photos Courtesy of Michelle Stavrou         Pack 103 Webelos donate a scarecrow of the Pillsbury Doughboy.
Photos Courtesy of Michelle Stavrou
Pack 103 Webelos donate a scarecrow of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

CRANFORD, NJ — Downtown Cranford is decorated for Halloween with scarecrows donated by local businesses, organizations, schools and residents. This is the ninth year that the event is taking place and attracting pedestrians to the downtown area to stroll the streets and admire the creativity that went into each individual scarecrow.

“There are over 90 creations this year,” social media coordinator for Cranford, Michelle Stavrou told LocalSource in an email. “The Scarecrow Stroll’s fantastic creations will remain on display through Halloween and everyone is invited to vote for their favorites. Ballots are available at participating businesses and were also mailed to every Cranford home. They can be dropped into the bright orange mailbox in Eastman Clock Plaza.”

Voting began during the weekend of Oct. 22, and it will run until Halloween. After Oct. 31, votes will be tallied and the winners will be announced.

“People look forward to this event every year,” Stephanie Lalor of The Artist Framer told LocalSource over the phone. “They make it a priority to come walk the streets of Cranford to shop and vote for the best scarecrow. The businesses are competing for a trophy that will be awarded to the winner and can be displayed on the counter. It’s a privilege to receive such an honor. The town will also post the winners on social media sites.”

The variety of scarecrows makes the event interesting, and this year’s creations are no exception.

“Some of this year’s scarecrows include ‘Cranford Ninja Warrior,’ ‘Run, Forrest, Run,’ ‘Arnold Pumpkin,’ and ‘Daisy, The Lady Bug,” Stavrou told LocalSource in an email.

People are encouraged to vote for their favorite scarecrow and cast their votes on or prior to Halloween.
“I really like the ‘Sharknado’ scarecrow,” Lalor told LocalSource. “People are really creative.”

The event draws people from all over the county to Cranford in appreciation of the creativity displayed.

“The Scarecrow Stroll is great fun but more importantly, it is an event that involves the public and businesses working together. Their creations draw people to the downtown from many other towns. Last year, the event attracted visitors from 84 different towns,” said Kathleen Miller Prunty, Cranford Downtown’s director.

So far, businesses have noticed an increase in activity downtown since the stroll started on Oct. 19.

“People are really excited about this,” Lalor told LocalSource. “There has absolutely been an increase in the amount of people I’ve seen walking the streets of Downtown Cranford since the event began. I think more people will be coming out to see these amazing creations since the voting started last weekend.”