Downtown Cranford showcases art

CRANFORD, NJ — The work of local artists was displayed downtown on Friday, Sept. 16, for a photography and art walk. The event was organized by Downtown Cranford. Stephanie Lalor of Artist Framer, located on North Avenue, took the initiative to inform other store owners about the artwork and invited them to display some photos in their store windows. The photographs featured locations throughout downtown Cranford and Westfield.

“These photographs are by local artists and capture the downtown area from an interesting perspective,” Lalor told LocalSource. “I know some of the artists whose work is displayed, such as Neil Bergman of Cranford, Peter Yuschak of Cranford and Elaine Heintz of Westfield.”

There were also photos that captured the beauty of the natural environment, such as Nomahegan Park. Different seasons were also featured in the photos, which gave them another element of beauty. The winter season in particular served as an inspiration.

“I really like the shot of Nomahegan Park in winter,” Lalor told LocalSource.
On Alden Street, Marc Kelley Realtors and Anthem Clothing displayed artwork in their windows. The work of Diane Metz and Rich Shackell was featured in the window of Marc Kelley Realtors. A shot of downtown Cranford in the winter, as well as the Cranford Canoe Club, were captured by Rich Shackell. The wreaths hanging in the photo of the downtown create a festive mood. The hotel on the left in the photo is inviting, as it offers seclusion from the cold. Anthem Clothing displayed work by Neil Bergman. Bergman photographed a local pond and park.

Periwinkle’s had one photograph displayed in their window. “Sunrise at Presbyterian Church, Westfield, NJ,” sold in three different sizes. It was captured by Elaine Janet. In the photo, the beautiful white church stands tall with the steeple in the sunlight. It’s surrounded by trees and blue sky. Store owner Elaine Muffett even had a matching pillow to offer customers.

“The pillow is by a different artist,” Muffett told LocalSource. “The artist is from South Jersey. I was asked to display the photograph by local artist Janet and I agreed, because I like to support the community. I was happy to do it. We are all helping each other to promote the artists.”

“They asked us to display the photo and we agreed,” said Raquel Gemer of Periwinkle’s. “A few of the stores agreed to help Artist Framer promote local artists.”

On Saturday, Sept. 17, Lalor offered a Paint Out, where local artists will gather to paint. She said she looked forward to displaying the talent of even more local artists. The completed artwork will be displayed on the south side of the train station. Artist June Brown juried the young artists and artist Tony Connor will jury the community artists. Registered artists will receive a map of Downtown Cranford, name tag and “Paint Out survival kit.”

“Tonight was a great night for a walk,” Lalor told LocalSource. “I think it’s supposed to be nice again tomorrow for the Paint Out.”