‘We are praying for a miracle’

‘Broken state system’ turns injured Rahway police officer into ‘victim’

RAHWAY, NJ — Sometimes in life heroes become victims and slip into a never ending maze of bureaucratic red tape. That is what has happened to John Donofrio Jr., 32, a former Rahway police officer and hero who saved two people from drowning when their car careened into the Rahway River in 2011. However, despite his […]

Swatting incidents have residents, police up in arms

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Every time someone calls in a fake 9-1-1 call that results in a real SWAT team or a large-scale emergency police response, especially one involving schools, children and parents suffer emotional distress, taxpayers lose dollars and officials lose time and resources. Swatting is another name for a prank 9-1-1 call made to […]

Rahway expands SID despite objections

RAHWAY, NJ  – Although City Council approved expanding the Special Improvement District to four times the original size in December, last week they slightly amended that ordinance while approving a $760,000 operation budget despite public objection.} The amended ordinance deleted a business inadvertently included in the original ordinance, bringing the total number of newly included […]

Governor’s pension plan reform would have big local impact

UNION COUNTY, NJ — What happens to taxpayers if and when Gov. Chris Christie’s plan to reform the public employee pension system is approved has stakeholders deeply concerned. According to both the School Boards Association and New Jersey League of Municipalities, if the governor’s plan is approved, it could cost school districts hundreds of thousands of […]

Towns given infrastructure awards

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Last week, the Union County Freeholder Board handed out $1.5 million in much-needed grants to towns that will match this windfall, in order to make improvements that usually end up at the end of a very long “to do” list. The funding for these awards came directly from selling Runnells Specialized Hospital […]

‘A bad deal for New Jersey taxpayers’

Seven environmental groups file lawsuit to stop proposed Exxon settlement

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Seven environmental groups last week filed legal action to block the $225 million deal the state made with Exxon earlier this year, asking the court to reject the proposed settlement they claim should be in the billions. The motion to intervene, filed in Union County Superior Court June 10 by the Columbia […]

‘It’s a long road’ to potential relief

During recent meeting, Army Corps stresses it will take years for results

CRANFORD, NJ — The Army Corps of Engineer’s scoping meeting Monday night at Union County College did not draw the crowds expected, but in the end one thing was crystal clear: it is a long road from feasibility study to putting a shovel in the ground for a flood project. This is the second meeting […]

Last call for Elizabeth Police Dept.

Multiple officers allege detectives, superiors drink regularly while on duty

ELIZABETH, NJ – A year ago, while corruption allegations were swirling through the Elizabeth police department, officers felt they had nowhere to turn for help. Now, there is strong evidence alcohol consumption is part of the regular weekly routine in the main detective bureau and detectives continue to feel they have no hope of fixing […]

Army Corps, DEP to hold meeting on flood solutions

UNION COUNTY, NJ — The Army Corps of Engineers and New Jersey DEP will hold a public meeting Monday at Union County College in Cranford to provide feedback on where they are at with the ongoing study required prior to selecting a flood control alternative for the Rahway River basin. The meeting, which comes a year […]