Assembly approves bill to combat foreclosure crisis

UNION COUNTY, NJ — With New Jersey having the one of the highest rate of foreclosures in the nation in 2015, legislation codifying the state’s Foreclosure Mediation Program into law comes at a pivotal time. The bill, sponsored by Assembly Democrats Mila Jasey, Jerry Green, Jamel Holley and Elizabeth Muoio will help reduce the staggering number […]

Union celebrates Haitian Flag Day

Building a welcoming home, celebrating diversity in Union and surrounding area

UNION, NJ — Union celebrated Haitian Flag Day yesterday with a flag raising ceremony at town hall. The newly formed Haitian American Civic Association co-hosted the event as leaders and members of the community came to honor the rich heritage of Haiti and the history of its flag. The Haitian flag has long been a symbol […]

Crackdown on ‘upskirting’

UNION COUNTY, NJ — New legislation criminalizing ‘upskirting’ — the act of secretly photographing or recording under a person’s clothing — was signed into law last week by the state’s assembly and will fall under New Jersey’s invasion of privacy laws. The new law, sponsored by Assembly Democrats Cleopatra Tucker, Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Annette Quijano, Benjie […]

Audit finds three public colleges rely on mandatory fees

UNION COUNTY, NJ — An audit of three state colleges and universities by the office of the state comptroller found that mandatory fees account for approximately one-third of the cost of attending undergraduate school. Despite the heavy reliance on such fees, none of the three schools had established written policies or procedures to govern how mandatory […]

Islamic Center of Union County opens its doors

UNION COUNTY, NJ — The Islamic Center of Union County hosted its first Meet and Greet on May 1. The event, “A Bridge to Meet and Greet your Muslim Neighbors,” drew about 200 people from the community. Union Mayor Manuel Figueiredo, along with Committee members Joseph Florio and Michele Delisfort, Sheriff Joseph Cryan, and Union County […]

Ronnie Brangman, BGCUC Youth of the Year

UNION, NJ — Being named Union Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year is quite an honor. Just ask Ronnie Brangman, the recipient of this prestigious award. Brangman, 16, competed with six other candidates from Union County for the title, which was announced at the club’s annual awards dinner in April. Brangman, who is a […]

New measures for lead remediation in schools

UNION COUNTY, NJ — As revelations of a full-blown lead crisis continue to sweep across New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie has mandated new regulatory measures to address elevated lead levels in school water systems, along with new legislation introduced by senate democrats that would strengthen the government’s role in lead remediation. Christie’s lead remediation plan comes […]

Group seeks to reframe the world of inner city youth

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Corey James, founder of Painting Pictures — a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk teens — recently released his new book, just weeks after National Youth Violence Prevention Week. Titled after James’ organization, the book — “Painting Pictures: Reframing the World of Inner City Youth” — shares the story of James’ work with […]

Linden community grapples with tragedy

Linden community grapples with tragedy

LINDEN, NJ — A candlelight vigil was held this past Saturday for 9-year-old Oshiobugie “Shobie” Asekomhe as community leadership, teachers, police officers and firefighters, and members of the Linden community gathered to remember the beloved third-grader who succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning last week. His 11-year-old sister, Emike, remains in critical condition. The children were discovered […]

Allegations of misconduct at Hillside BOE

Allegations of misconduct at Hillside BOE

HILLSIDE, NJ — Allegations of misconduct have surfaced at the Hillside Board of Education. Michael Schwarz, technology manager for the school district, has allegedly violated the School Ethics Act. An anonymous source in the department, hereafter referred to as Alpha and given male pronouns, told LocalSource in an exclusive interview that Schwarz, who has been […]

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